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Chief of the Republic of China Army

Chief of the Republic of China Army

(As of 1 December 2016)

  General Wang’s ancestral hometown was from Ding-Hai County, Zhe-Jiang Province in China. He was born in Hualien in 1960, upon graduation from the R.O.C. Military Academy in 1980, he was commissioned as an Infantry officer. General Wang’s military education includes Infantry Advanced Course, Command and General Staff College and War College of the R.O.C. National Defense University. With diligent and ambitious effort during his study, he received outstanding records and experience which also cultivated his solid military academic background.

  Because of his sincere attitude and profound military knowledge, General Wang is meticulously thoughtful in thinking and very practical in commanding his forces. He has served in multiple leadership and staff positions at each level from field units to Army Command Headquarters and Ministry of National Defense. He firmly embeds Army core values such as loyalty and integrity into combat readiness and troop training which contributes to his great achievements and outstanding performance. 

  General Wang was promoted to Administrative Deputy Minister, on 11 Feb 2015 then next promoted to Deputy Chief of General Staff on 1 June 2016. General Wang was announced to be the 29th Chief of the R.O.C. Army and be promoted as General on 1st December 2016.

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