Chief of the Republic of China Army

General Chen, Pao-Yu’s Biograhy

(Assumed position on 2019-04-01)

  General Chen came from Lianjiang County, Fujian Province and was born in 1958. Graduated class of 1980 from Chinese Military Academy as an infantryman, General Chen has gone through Infantry Captain’s career course, Army Command and Staff’s Course and War College, in which General Chen has been diligent and built a solid foundation of military knowledge.

  General Chen has been a Commanding General of the 295th Brigade, head of Army S3, Commanding General of the 6th Corps Army, Commanding General of Hualien Defense Command, Head of J3, Commanding General of the 10th Corps Army, Deputy Chief of Army and Executive Deputy Chief of Staff. 

  General Chen, during his service in the Army, has put his focus on force’s combat readiness and taking care of soldiers, in which he has excelled. General Chen was appointed as the Chief of Army on April 1st, 2019.

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