The inspection system of armed forces in     a Army was originated from Army Operation Research and Inspection Committee which directly supervised army inspection. After structural readjustment, Tactics and Technical Inspection Section, Naval Aviation Inspection Section , Legal Affairs Section and Supervision Section are under the Inspection Office’s oversight which well establishes the inspection system of armed forces to follow Commander and Deputy Commander’s order and oversight, the office is in charge of the planning and execution of tactics, techniques, air supervision, research and evaluation, and scheming and execution related to legal affairs of armed forces.

The purpose of establishing Inspection Office is to evaluate any plan’s appropriateness, rationality, feasibility and success rate then further evaluate its value and armed forces’ execution capability for the reference of annual project and armed forces’ war readiness andonly for passing on orders from the above; but also for reflecting the opinion from subordinates to higher-ups.  It also commends role models among the armed forces to stimulate soldiers’ working willingness and spirit and assist subordinates solving communication impediment issues should they wish to express anything.  It is expected to carry through the establishment polices, legal regulations and projects of armed forces and improve their battle strength by these measures.

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