During early Republic period, engineer corps was founded separately from other armed forces.  By the spring of 1928, Army Training and Supervision was founded and Engineer Corps Foreman was under its structure.  In 1930, Fortress Section was established; both of them became the predecessors of Engineer Corps section.  In 1946, Army General Headquarter was established and Engineer Corps Command was founded under the structure of 4th Division.  In 1955, Engineer Corps Division, Army Supply Command was established.  On 1st Nov, 1975, Army Supply Command was restructured as Engineer Corps Division, Army Logistics Command due to Logistics Reduction Program.  On 1st Jan, 1994, the Logistics Reduction program made Engineer Corps Division, Army Logistics Command under the oversight of Army General Headquarter.  On 16th Feb, 2006, it was again reorganized as Engineer Corps Division, Army Command Headquarters, MND till now due to Streamlining Program.

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