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Planning Division began as the “Army Research & Development Committee” at 1st of May, 1956; in June 1957, this committee was merged into the “Army Operation & Planning Research Committee, and later changed its title as “Army Operational Research & Inspector Committee” in June 1960. In March 1975, the committee was reorganized into “Plans & Policy Division of General Army Headquarters.” In November 1987, an Information Center was built in the Planning Division; and in January 1992, a Computer War-gaming Center. Later in 1998, the Information Center was reorganized into Information and Electronic Division. In 1999, the Computer War-gaming Center was reorganized into “Education, Training, and Doctrine Development Committee.” In 1999, Army General Headquarters was downsizing, and the Plans & Policy Division also experienced downsizing. In 2004, Acquisition & Planning Division was reorganized into Plans & Policy Division. Later in 2006, the ground system section and avionics section were combined into the Programming Section of Plans & Policy Division; Logistics Preparation Section of Army Logistics Command was reorganized into Acquisition Management Section of Plans & Policy Division. Plans & Policy Division was renamed as Planning Division since 2006. 


Mission of Planning Division
Planning Division is responsible for strategic planning, Foreign Military Sales Planning, Manning and Equipping, Military Systems Research & Development, Mil-to-Mil exchanges, Systems Analysis, Human Resources Management, Acquisition Management, and Programming of Major Weapon Systems. 

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