Combat readiness and Training Division was originally established under Army General Headquerters in Nan-king in June 1st,1946.It was terminated due to the change of the molitary situa tion in 1949.
April 16 in 1940,the G-3 was re-established in Fong-Shan,Kaoshung county and set six sections and one Army section.Then in the same year 1940,the Army General Head quarters was moved to Taipei city in September.there was a Pei-Ding maneuver in May,1972 to move the Army General Head quarters to Da-Han nilitary campus in Longtan.
In March 1992, the Army HQ added television production center which expanded G3 to 7 sections and I center.
In August 1995, the Army HQ added the 7th section (mobilization) and information room which expanded G3 to 8 sections, 1 center and 1 room.
In June 10,1997,the sixth section(doctrine)was transferred to Education Traning and Doctrine Command.The Operations & Intelligence center was transferred under this division in July 1st,1997 which expanded G3 to 7 sections, 2 centers and 1 room. 
Due to the downsizing of the Army organization under streamlining process in July 1st 1998, G3 inactivated information room and turned into seven sections and two centers.
In January 1st 1999, the 3rd section (historical politics) was transferred to Office of Military Service, the 4th section (academic education) was transferred to Office of personnel which downsizing G3 to 5 sections and 2 centers.
In January 1st 2004, Jingjin program’s 1st phase alternation inactivated the army section; the television production center was combined with integrated section; the mobilization section was transferred to Office of Personnel and Office of Logistic; in the mean time , G3 combined with office of Intelligence into Office of Combat Readiness and Training including 5 sections and 1 center (integrated administration section, training readiness section, intelligence readiness section, intelligence operating section and operational intelligence center. 
In January 1st 2006, under the second stage of JingJin Program, this Department was re-named to Combat Readiness & Training Division. It contains three sections and one center including General Planning Section, Combat Readiness Section , Training Section, and Operational Intelligence Center.
In July 1st 2011, under the first stage of Jingcui Program, G3 attached mobilization section to integrated planning section.
In January 2013, under the second stage of Jingcui Program, G3’s organization structure adjusted to 4 sections and 1 center ( integrated planning section, combat readiness section, training readiness section, mobilization readiness section and operational intelligence center).

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