In accordance with the Organic Law of MND in Feb, 2006, the division was renamed as Communications, Electronics and Information Division, Army Command, MND which was in charge of scheming Army’s communication, electronics and information policies, education training, war readiness, force planning as well as the supervision of army officers.  By 31st Dec, 2011, there are five sections under this structure which includes Planning, Communications, Electronics, and Information Readiness, Communications, Electronics and Information Planning, Communications, Electronics and Information Security and Command System.

    In accordance with MND’s guideline regarding armed forces’ establishment: priority on science and technology, predominance on communications and information, joint interception and attack, defense of national land, common standardized system for laying the integration foundation was established.   Fibre and Improved Mobile Subscriber Equipment (IMSE) are the mainstay of WAN which integrate SNC and multiple wave system as branch WAN to accommodate VHF, HF, mobile wireless set and field digital switch.  They form the communication channel via multiple measures, systematic structure, duplicate deployment, integration and participation to carry out joint ground operation which ensures the management system without failure and reach the prospect of high efficiency digital operation with characteristics of defense in depth, three dimensional operation, synchronized actions, full time control, distant communication and precise steps.

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