Chemical Division was originated from Chemical Corps Section, Ordnance Service of Army. By late president Chiang,
Kai-shek’s personal written order, Chemial Corps Division was established on 1st June,1962 and was under the oversight of Army Material Command. Units such as Political Warfare Office, Personnel and Administration Section, Supply and Maintenance Section, Technical Intelligence Section, War Planning Section, Chemical Corps School, Chemical Depot, Chemical Laboratory,
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical(NBC) Protection Company and NBC Reconnaissance Squad are under the oversight of Chemical Corps Division.
The Kunlun Project launched on the 1st July, 1979 made the Director of Chemical Corps Division served the post of Soldiers’Foreman concurrently which was in charge of operation, education and training, supply and maintenance, research and development as well as coordination and supervision. On 1st Nov,1993,it was restructured as office instead of division due to Streamlining Logistics System Project and was under the oversight of Army General Headquarter.
On the second phase of Streamlining Project, the office was renamed as division. The division put Research Centre for NBC protection under its supervision and several units were also under its oversight such as Combined Planning, Material Readiness,
Combat Readiness Training, and Protection and Research Center. On 1st Apr, 2008,by order of MND’s 2nd stage Execution Plan of Streamlining Project,Phase 2,the Research Centre for NBC Protection was restructured to be under the oversight of Army Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear (CBRN) Training Center till now.

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