::: Army mission and future expectation

 Last Updated Time:2019-04-12

1.Mission: Build and utilize army troops to defend homeland and sovereignty; in peace time, the key is to defend homeland and off-shore islands with basic and alternative combat trainings.  Base on different situations, protect high value facilities and support local HA/DR; in war time, coordinate with nave and air force to conduct joint operation IOT destroy enemies.
2.Future expectations:
Build 「digitalized, professionalized, generalized, high quality , strengthened」combat capability; earn and create relatively strategic superiority IOT effectively deterrence and secure the nation.
(1).Information superiority; early warning
Combat capability superiority; satisfy information acquisition; strengthen intelligence warning command and control; integrate effects of communication information. 
(2).Intelligence and battle field control
Use multiple methods to collect intelligence in order to endeavor for early warning; analyze enemy intelligence professionally; control battle field through handle the correct and real time intelligence.
(3).Build strength; gaining victory at littoral
Resupply missing equipment; replace outdated equipment; equipment to satisfy basic combat capability as priority, decide required combat power for alternative plan, contingency plan, and reserve troops IOT complete basic combat capability construction. 
(4).Elite organization with efficiency
Scheme the next military generation with farseeing and integration; construct a fresh, energetic, learning, growing and high efficiency military organization.
(5).Elite education to expand personnel training
Invite excellent young people to military; through professionalized military education and managing system to separate people with their talents; help them to become excellent military members.

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